To Vermont
Some friends of mine own a time share in this beautiful northeastern state of mountains and picture book landscape. I'm fortunate enough to go up there with them once in a while and would like to share it's beauty with you!
This little guy kept us company on one of my visits! My friend Irene, loved feeding him just as she fed a little chipmunk on our latest trip up there. Isn't he a cutie?
This beautiful waterfall, albeit slow from the lack of rain when I took this picture, was along one of the routes that I drove. It was just one breathtaking sight after another!
One of our drives was up to the von Trapp family homestead. It was beautiful even though it has been built up and is now very tourist oriented.
This is just one small part of the spectacular view from the von Trapps!
When we are up that way, Irene says that no trip would be complete without a stop at the famous Ben & Jerry's. I wholeheartedly agree! What a wonderland for ice cream lovers!!
I love covered bridges and this one is a beauty!
Right near the bridge during one visit were the most beautiful butterflies! I couldn't get them to stay still long enough to capture them in a picture but did manage this one...
It's beautiful in Vermont no matter what time of day or year it is. On one particular trip, I didn't arrive there until nightfall and this was one of the scene's I was greeted with when I did....
Beauty abounds, no matter where you look!
Even the goldenrod seems to grow more gold and more magnificent in Vermont!
Heading home, I sometimes catch a little glimpse of autumn. The trees are turning their brilliant reds....oranges.....and yellows and soon these mountains will be covered with snow and filled with skiers racing down them! 
I never fail to have a wonderful time in this beautiful state and always look forward to returning again. There's nothing like the clean, crisp mountain air to sooth ones soul and fill ones heart with peace. This is such an incredible gift that our Lord has given us!

Thank you for sharing it with me! See you on my next adventure!

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