Welcome to Maine in the winter where the mountains and all of their surroundings are breathtaking!

One of my best friends, Debbie, and her husband, Roger, built this gorgeous log cabin high up in the mountains. I never gave much thought as to how people got supplies to places like that, but I have to tell you....it isn't easy! Except for the biggest things, they had to cart everything up there themselves. It took them a very long time, building in their spare time, what little of it they had. Roger is a perfectionist, making it even more amazing, as you can see by these pictures. Even things like, where to sleep, right in the beginning stages. They couldn't very well make the long trek down the mountain every night, nor could they drive home. They really roughed it and camped out until it was done enough to at least sleep inside. It's really amazing! I remember them going up there in some pretty cold weather, and sticking it out, to make their dream become a reality.

In March, my daughter Cindy, her husband Pete, and their kids were going up there with Debbie, Roger, their daughter Heather and her daughter, Makenzie. At any rate, when Cindy was telling me that they were going, she said, "Gee, you should come with us!" I hesitated only for a second before telling her to ask if it would be alright. I don't like to spring those kind of surprises on people. Of course Debbie and Roger were fine with it, so we were soon on our way. Roger was already up there, which was good because he got the plowing done before we arrived. They have to go up to make sure the pipes don't freeze in this weather, so he had gone ahead of us.

What a wonderful time we had! I won't continue to burn your ear here. The pictures will tell it all! I made this background set from some of the pictures that I took up there.
Here's the back door. It's all so rustic...I just love it! Roger made a perfect little mudroom there...a real lifesaver when you're trekking in snow or mud, for sure!
Here's Debbie, relaxing for a few minutes.
Here's Roger. He never seemed to be around much for pictures. LOL
Here are Pete & Alicia enjoying the moment.
Kaitlyn, Megan, Makenzie and Alicia enjoy some togetherness. They were terrific!
We had lots of fun playing yahzee!
Cindy and I relax in our matching outfits....lol
Poor Heather didn't get much rest because Makenzie was sick the whole weekend.
She was a little trooper, but see how red her cheeks are....and yes...the other kids ended up getting sick when they got home too. LOL Actually, I think most of the adults did, too, but I was fortunate enough to escape it.
Well, here's what tuckered us all out and kept us so quiet inside....
Debbie & Roger helping Kaitlyn get ready to ride..
Kaitlyn, Pete and Megan in front of the campsite that Debbie and Roger have camped at. As you can see, it's right on the lake.
Cindy & Alicia...and there's Megan in the background.
Roger & Alicia
Well, it's time to head home. We had a wonderful time! Thank you for joining us.
Here's the lake we were riding around on from above. It certainly didn't seem like we rode THAT far! I think Roger & Debbie said it was about 25 miles....no wonder I was freezing by the time I got back to the house!! LOL
I guess all that fresh air wore these little gremlins out!! (Oh, we did take the seatbelt off of Kaitlyn's face right after the picture. LOL)
My Sincere Thanks to Donald Kornegay for The Music on This Page.
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