We had a wonderful trip to Florida and seeing my sister was terrific, as always. She's one of the best sisters anyone could ever ask for!  She's one of my favorites! (notice I didn't say my favorite...cuz my other sisters might see it....they're all awesome and all my favorites!!! LOL)

    At any rate, we had a wonderfully relaxing week. I spent a great deal of time right around her house because it was so incredibly beautiful there. Here is only an inkling of the beauty that surrounds her!

And then I  happened upon another delicate and beautiful.....a true work of art!
Next I came to these gorgeous shrubs with the prettiest little yellow blossoms on it!
Well, I was on my way down the walkway with my book in hand, but first I have to show you the sign at the edge of the intercoastal.....I've never seen one like it  around my neighborhood!  LOL And if you look a little beyond it you'll see......
......this wonderful little gazebo, where I spent more than a couple of peaceful hours reading.
Here is a beautiful flowering tree that I spied on the walkway to the back of her condo. The colors are brilliant and the sunny sky was at it's best!
In the evening and on the weekend, we enjoyed going out, seeing the sights, shopping and just meandering around. One day we went on a water taxi tour. We had a wonderful time cruising the intercoastal, seeing many incredibly beautiful houses such as this one, belonging to the rich and famous. What a place to dream your cares away!!
The intercoastal was very peaceful and serene. For quite a while, I watched the fish at play and the crabs feeding.....I never got to see a manitee, though.....maybe next time!
    My sister had bought all day passes, which meant that we could ride up and down the waterways until midnight, making any stops we wanted. We stopped at Shirttail Charlie's for lunch and a couple of glasses of wine. It was beautiful, sitting right there on the water, enjoying my blackened fish.

    After that, we went across the intercoastal and walked around some little booths that were set up. People were selling all sorts of handmade items. Many of them, very beautiful!

    From there we went up to Pier 66, browsed their giftshop and went up to the top where they have a revolving bar. There we had another drink and went out to the observatory where I took these pictures. What a view we had!
   Well, having walked our feet off and tired ourselves out, we got back on the water taxi and headed back to the dock where we left the car. What a perfect day we had!

    This was only a little sample of our days and nights. We loved walking on the piers of the beaches in Fort Lauderdale, where my sister works and in Pompano Beach, where she lives and there's nothing like having dinner right there on the ocean!

    She and her fiance are wonderful and made us feel right at home, as always.

    Well, see you next adventure! 'Til then, take care!


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Story and Photos (C) 2001 by Susan L. Anderson
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